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Charity Water

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Scuderia Toro Rosso

It's a race! Check out my video and help teach kids in Africa today.

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Rhemi Life

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Lead today! Watch this video :)

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Why Ethiopia?

Because Ethiopia believes education is the driving force that will transform it to a middle income country by 2030. Ethiopia has one of the world’s highest number of out-of-school children at 1.7 million, and only 19.4% of children make it to high school. By joining First Day, you will be sharing a vision to transform an education system to one that is accessible by each and every child in Ethiopia.

Let’s get 2 million out of school children into their first day of school.

Let’s get millions of adults to read their first book.

Let’s achieve universal quality education free of foreign aid.

The Impact Today?

First Day is working with Imagine1Day, a best in class charity that has already helped hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians get access to quality education. See the impact they're having right now.


partner schools, with 35 schools built by us from the ground up.


people whose lives are transformed annually through education and leadership development.


Our work spans across 10 districts in the northern region of Tigray and the southern region of Oromia.

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Imagine 1 day

Meet Semere

Thanks to people joining First Day’s cause, a school has been built a school in Semere’s village. It means he will be the first child ever, in his family history going back generations, to finish primary school. Please join us and give other kids the same chance.

Build a new school!


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