First Day is a launchpad for YouTubers to change the world

Pilot Project

The First Day Pilot Project aims to connect YouTubers with Imagine1Day, a registered non-profit that funds the building of schools in Ethiopia.

YouTubers can use this crowdfunding platform to raise money more effectively than what’s possible on crowdfunding platforms like Indiegogo and Kickstarter which take a 5% fee on every transaction. First Day will take no cut on money donated by your subscribers.

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Raise $10,000 and build a school!

Any YouTuber who raises $10,000 will help build a school in Ethiopia. You'll be invited to come on a trip for the school’s inagauration so you can share the experience with your subscribers. First Day takes no cut on the money raised.

It doesn't take much!

Just one video can make all the difference in the world for thousands of kids. By crowdfunding with First Day, you can turn your YouTube channel into a powerful medium of change.

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